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Certified organic German hemp grown in the heart of nature

Organic, sustainable premium cacao from  Central America


Natural sweetness



16 mg natural CBD

(320 mg total hemp)

Pretty sweet and creamy, melt-in-your-mouth satisfaction with a hint of cannabis flower



24 mg natural CBD

(360 mg total hemp)

Full-flavoured, gently sweet chocolate, balanced with a delicate hemp leaf taste.Pure pleasure


30 mg natural CBD

(420 mg total hemp)


Distinct cannabis undertone, rich and sinfully dark Panama bean bouquet,  sweetened with exclusive coconut flower nectar



You are what you eat. That's why at Queen Sativa, we take pride in going the extra mile to ensure that our bars are uncompromisingly wholesome in their components and taste. With every bite of our chocolate, you experience a delectable balance of Panama's cacao bean blending harmoniously with hemp's natural CBD.

The tasty union of CBD & chocolate!

The entourage effect of whole-plant ingredients, with their highest purity and distinctive taste, provides the intense satisfaction that you know you are looking for, while simultaneously remaining clear-headed and focused.  We at Queen Sativa, believe in the special full flavour combination of cannabis and chocolate that magnifies joy and natural relaxation.



We only use 100% ecological packaging for our chocolates, with absolutely neither plastic nor aluminum content. Just compostable film, FSC-certified cardboard, and mineral oil-free printing inks.

Because we care



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What is CBD?

CBD(Cannabidiol) is one of more than 100 compounds that are part of the hemp or Cannabis Sativa plant.

What does "full-spectrum" mean?

We only use full-spectrum cannabis flavouring preparation in our CBD chocolate – raw quality, obtained through a careful processing method, with low temperatures and no solvents and no other aggressive chemicals, certified organic, which is great news for you! Why?
The method is focused on preserving the natural spectrum of subtle yet powerful, easily damaged through harsh industrial processing, native hemp compounds. This means that you are benefiting from hundreds of phytoactive compounds that are part of the hemp plant, to experience the “entourage effect” of their nutritional, bioactive, aromatic and naturally healing properties.

How does СBD hemp influence the flavour of the chocolate?

Full flavour provides the experience and satisfaction people are looking for. CBD itself is a bitter substance. However, thanks to our unique full-spectrum herbal flavour preparation, you get a spicy and fruity hemp palate, which harmonises excellently with our chocolate types. This special full-spectrum, full-flavour ingredient compliments the taste of the chocolate and increases its value and effect.
Each bar offers a unique taste and composition: The respective hemp flavour content in each chocolate variant is carefully adapted to match the individual chocolate taste intensity and create the perfect bouquet.

Will Queen Sativa get me high?

Our full-spectrum treats contain CBD as well as phytoactive and flavoursome terpenes but are NOT psychoactive.
CBD will not make you high at all.
THC, or more specifically, the Delta9THC (Δ9-trans-Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is
regulated due to its psychoactive properties. For your safety, we double-test every
batch of our products and can provide the certified lab test results, indicating that THC ((–)-Δ9-trans-Tetrahydrocannabinol) in Queen Sativa is undetectable.

Where does the cocoa come from?

Our high-quality cocoa beans are cultivated by smallholder cooperatives in the Dominican Republic and Panama. The premium organic cocoa beans we use in our 92 per cent "High Cacao" bar, for example, are locally-sourced in Panama and, of course, the farmers compensated fairly, with a premium for quality. The production process of our chocolate is called "Bean to Bar" among chocolate experts: It is a very sophisticated manufacturing process that preserves the valuable ingredients and aroma of the cocoa beans.

Where does our hemp come from?

The hemp we use in our Queen Sativa bars is sourced from a regional organic hemp grower in Germany, located in the area with predominantly long-standing organic agriculture and wild nature. It is constantly tested for THC and CBD levels as well as pesticides and heavy metals (HPLC). There are very strict norms that we constantly monitor and respect. Test results are done for each chocolate production batch.

What is the CBD dose per bar?

The total cannabis herbal preparation added to the product is always indicated on our product packaging and specified in the percentage of the ingredients. The specific CBD content may vary very slightly, depending on the batch, as natural herbal preparations do vary slightly. Indicating the dose included in e.g. equivalent of drops of CBD oil is not clear and can be misleading. Instead, we can indicate that the CBD found in our „Vegan Delight" bar is 16 to 20 mg, the „Mild Cacao" version is 20 to 24 mg, and our „High Cacao" bar is complemented with 25 to 30 mg of organic CBD. Besides the calming CBD, Queen Sativa also offers you the full-spectrum entourage effects and flavours of more than 100 phyto-actives compounds, which makes this product so interesting and unique.

How many bars can I eat daily?

There are no fixed guidelines, however, since this is very rich chocolate, we suggest
consumption should be down to your best judgment and at most we advise a square or two whenever you feel like it.

Our Mission?

Mission: Possible! We love creating vegan, completely plant-based, fully organic, clean foods and wellness products that are environmentally sound.
Our products are:
- 100% safe cannabis-based
- GMO-free
- Free from heavy metals
- Free from pesticides
- Tested by accredited laboratories

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